We are the ONLY Full-Service, Lake-Focused Real Estate Brokerage serving multiple lakes in multiple states. Our Lake Expert Real Estate Agents are knowledgeable in each unique lake market.

Solving the Unspoken Nightmare  of Selling Lake Real Estate

It is true any agent can list a property for sale on the web, BUT the web is a really crowded place.

It can seem impossible to stand out from the crowd, especially in unique markets like lake homes and land.

The Challenges

  • Although you may have friends or relatives in the real estate business, they may not always have the experience or marketing capabilities to get you the best exposure and highest returnon your lake real estate investment. In some cases, those relationships may be damaged if things turn sour during your listing agreement.
  • Exposing your lake property to the most likely buyers can be a unique challenge. Many of the best prospects are likely from far away, outside the reach of local agents. We don’t wait for buyers to walk in the door. We focus our marketing efforts nationwide for buyersactually looking for a lake home.
  • Unlike local residents who purchase more off-water properties to fit their housing needs, lake home buyers may be looking for vacation homes, investment real estate, or retirement homes that instead fit their dreams – and they generally have the financial capability to make that happen IF they can find these properties
  • If your marketing is not properly structured and entirely geared toward that more elusive lake home buyer, you may not only be missing out on a quicker sale, also on a higher sale price!
  • With the Internet now a critical factor in any type of real estate search these days, the right technology is even more critical for getting theultimate exposure on lake properties. And that is where Lake Homes Realty comes in.

Also, our intensive Lake Property marketing platform offers sellers exposure to tens of thousands of prospective buyers in the U.S. and around the world who are actually looking for a LAKE HOME.”